En Deitsch Gschwetz mit em Tschessie Schtambach

Compiled and published by Kreutz Creek Center for Language, Culture & Other Pastimes. Butch Reigart, translator and editor.

A Pennsylvania German conversation with Jessie Stambaugh at his home in Pigeon Hills (Jackson Twp.) of southwest York County, Pennsylvania about "this, that & everything else." Also featuring Henry Miller. 34 pages with 1 audio CD. Handmade 8"x11" booklet bound with heavy-duty staples. Butch Reigart, translator and editor.

This booklet provides an excellent resource for advanced-level students. The combined audio & printed materials are especially designed to improve one's listening comprehension of native speakers in conversation. Includes audio recordings of native speakers speaking at a fast pace and an accompanying full transcript in the PG dialect with interlinear English translation.

For a sample of the audio, please click below: