Deitscher Gschpass - Aldi "Tschoeks" in Pennsylfaanisch Deitsch

Compiled and published by Kreutz Creek Center for Language, Culture & Other Pastimes. Butch Reigart, translator and editor.

Edwin R. Danner tells 77 jokes in Pennsylvania German in an evening of Dutch humor at the old schoolhouse in Jefferson, PA. An additional 123 jokes in Pennsylvania German are presented in text only. Pennsylvania German text of the 200 jokes with between-the-lines English translation of the first 77 and accompanying CD audio recordings of Edwin R. Danner telling the first 77 jokes. 28 pages with a 4-page word list appendix. Handmade pamphlet. Butch Reigart, translator and editor.

This booklet provides an excellent resource for advanced-level students. The combined audio & printed materials are especially designed to improve one's listening comprehension. Includes audio recordings of a native speaker speaking at a fast pace telling stories and an accompanying full transcript in the PG dialect with interlinear English translation.

For a sample of the audio, please click below: