En Deitsch Gschwetz mit em Robert un die Ella Welsh (Digital Download)

Compiled and published by Kreutz Creek Center for Language, Culture & Other Pastimes. Butch Reigart, translator and editor.

A Pennsylvania German conversation with Robert and Ella Welsh on their farm near Stoverstown, York Co., Pennsylvania about blacksmithing, wagon making, and life in the "old days." This digital download is provided as a 38-page PDF and two zip files of MP3 files (corresponding to 2 audio CDs). Butch Reigart, translator and editor.

This booklet provides an excellent resource for intermediate-level students. The combined audio & printed materials are especially designed to improve one's listening comprehension. Includes audio recordings of two native speakers being individually interviewed by Al Dubs at an intermediate pace and an accompanying full transcript in the PG dialect with interlinear English translation.

For a sample of the audio, please click below:

Please note that the zip files are quite large, totaling about 22 megabytes. We recommend backing them up to a personal computer.